Dryden Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 6QF


We support several charities including:

Each year we adopt local charities and raise funds through dedicated collections and special events such as our Annual Charities’ Concert. Our adopted charities for 2023 are:


Family First Ipswich

This is a Christian charity which enables families to develop their capacity to support themselves and find solutions to the challenges that impact their lives through a network of volunteers. If parents or carers are struggling with aspects of parenting, or other areas of their lives, Family First make them realise that they are not alone and will support them and help them to work through the challenges they are facing. More information can be found here.


Suffolk Refugee Support

Once an individual has received the right to remain in the UK, they are no longer an asylum seeker and are generally referred to as a refugee. At this point they have the same rights as other British residents, ie they can seek work, apply for benefits, reside where they choose, and apply for British citizenship after a qualification period – they do not receive any kind of preferential treatment. This charity exists to support refugees and help them integrate into the UK. More information can be found here.